Биостимулятор Torsion™

The device, created by means of nanotechnology, is intended to strengthen the biofield and
adjustment of radiation of different parts of the human body. Can be used as preventive agent for disinfection of water and changing
the structure of water. Biostimulator is based on the scientific discoveries of the “Russian Academy of Medical
Science” V.P. Kaznacheeva and academicians of the “Russian Academy of Natural Sciences”, A.F. Okhatrin, A.E. Akimov, G.I. Schipova.
The device is basically a fabric, 20×30 cm, on which was applied some special, environmentally
friendly materials, representing the expertise of our organization. The basis of operation of the device
is based on the principle reflecting kamileks radiation of the human body and energy accumulation of
radiations in the mitochondrias of human cells. Mitochondria, as we know now, is the elementary
rechargeable battery of living cells.
Due to the fact that the human body is an average of 65 trillion cells, it real to
add energy to all cells within a short time? It turns out that this is possible through the laying on of hands
on biostimulator on both sides, as the theory of Su-Jok (Prof. Pak) -  all organs of a body is
brought over connecting to the hands and feet. For example, the index finger and little finger -  in a nutshell represent left and right arms, and the thumb – connected to head and neck, etc.. Of course, in addition to the hands and feet there are
acupuncture points that are included in the system of of energy channels according to the canons of
the Chinese medicine.

Biostimulator TorsionTM. restores the human’s biofield in just 6 minutes.









Directions for use:

Bio-stimulator is placed on the back of the left hand and the right
hand covers the other side of the bio-stimulator.(2 minutes)

(photo 1)


Then the hand positions are flipped. (2 more minutes)

(photo 2)




and, ultimately, the device is placed between two palms for 2 more minutes.

(photo 3).

6 minutes are enough to replenish the energy of the whole body.
Mobile phones, computers, TVs should be off, if they are closer than 2 meters from the
bio-stimulator. If those are protected from non-ionizing radiation protection by TorsionTM chips, those
may remain on, and working.

Bio-stimulator can be used to change the structure of water. To do this, a container with water up to 10 liters should be put on the front side of the bio-stimulator for 10-12 hours.


(photo 4)

Water becomes healing.
(You can drink the water in unlimited quantities)
Biostimulator can be used for medicinal purposes, putting its face to the sore spot.
But do not apply to the heart!

Not recommended for:
• an implanted pacemaker
• cancerous tumors
• hypertensive heart disease


Apparatus for Diagnosis and Therapy
by the method of R. Folly, “Biotest”

drug testing of drugs, therapies, Vega testing.